Build your island become a Pirate
King and get filthy rich along the way

brace yourselves
the villain pirate
has arrived

A whole new adventure sets sails, and the seas will never be the same again. Dreadful Red, a nasty new pirate is building an empire near you, which leaves you no choice but one - BOMB HIM! Spin the wheel,

spin the wheel
and set sail

The Pirate Kings Wheel is your key to greatness. Spin to win heaps of coins and use them to build your island. Erect structures, grow your fleet and create the paradise island of your dreams.Play online multiplayer games

recruit pirates to
your crew

Once you've established your pirate empire with additional islands, you can start recruiting more pirates to your crew.Station them on your paradise islands to plunder and protct your land and earn you more coins.

best pirate game
quest chests and

Get the Super Spinner and multiply your coins prizes
Recruit pirates to work on your paradise island and they'll grow your fortune
Open chests to reveal extra spins and special bonuses
Go on action-packed pirates quests to win even more and drag to your
play for free